Meet the Dream Team Behind Flussos!

Have you ever wondered how Flussos came to be the revolutionary platform it is today? It all started in 2019 when two people separated by 3000 miles decided to join forces and create something extraordinary.

Jo-Anne Oliveri, an Australian property management thought leader with nearly 30 years of experience, had a vision. She had already made a name for herself with her tailor-made workflows, called TrackMates™, which were transforming property management processes. But she wanted to take it a step further and digitize these workflows to reach a broader audience.

Enter Jarren Harvey, a USA-based engineer with a passion for innovative solutions. With a strong background in construction management and a knack for SaaS development, Jarren was the perfect partner to bring Jo-Anne’s vision to life. Together, they set out to create Flussos, a platform designed to save property management businesses time, money, and effort by automating routine tasks and streamlining operations.

Little did they know, their collaboration would become even more critical as the world faced the global pandemic. Businesses worldwide were fast-tracking their shift to online operations, and Flussos quickly became a valued tool for property management teams adapting to this new reality.

What does ‘Flussos’ mean?

The name Flussos is derived from the Italian word “flusso,” meaning flow. This perfectly encapsulates the platform’s mission: to bring flow to your workflows, processes, operations, team, and ultimately, your customers. When your property management business achieves flow, it can truly flourish!

Jo-Anne and Jarren’s partnership is a testament to the power of combining expertise and passion. Together, they have created a game-changing platform that continues to help property management businesses thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

Ready to see the difference Flussos can make for your business?