Unlock efficiency and increase productivity: Access over 30 ready-made tenant, property owner and business associated workflows

Property management workflows

Flussos is the only workflow platform built specifically for property managers. We have designed, tested and refined every flow, so you don’t have to waste any time. You and your team can instantly
access every flow you need and start streamlining your operations from day one.

Purpose-engineered TrackMates™ exclusive to Flussos

Flussos’ automated workflows are designed using tried and tested task checklists called TrackMates™. Created by the award-winning industry trainer, business strategist and performance analyst, Jo-Anne Oliveri, the paper-based version of these checklists have been used for decades by hundreds of property management businesses worldwide. Now exclusively available online using our property management workflow platform, Flussos gives you access to these purpose-engineered TrackMates™ that are proven to boost efficiencies and maximize productivity.

Operational workflows

Business workflows

What our customers are saying

“Flussos is so good! Being a sole operator, I find that Flussos keeps me on track with everything from setting up a property, to meeting prospective tenants, lease agreements, handovers, regular inspections, maintenance, and vacates! It’s all there in one spot to keep you organised, even gently reminding me that I need to complete another step in the process. I find Flussos not only keeps me on track but also helps me with time management. Flussos is a winner!”

Liza Southern, Principal, Ceres Realty


Some of our valued property management clients

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