Connect, collaborate and complete tasks on one platform accessible anywhere. Manage your properties from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-base software allows the team to access critical information and perform tasks on the go ensuring you’re always in control of your property management business.

Workflow software for property management

Whether your team members are working in-office, remotely or offshore, Flussos lets you connect
and collaborate in one place. Create seamless processes and complete tasks using our workflow
software for property management.

Features to streamline your property management business


Critical flows

Instantly access over 30 critical property management industry templated flows
Workflows are pre-engineered to be easy to use
Streamline processes reducing eliminating redundant steps
Immediately standardize your processes and improve team efficiency

Customization to fit your business model

All flow templates can be customizable to your needs
Update and change flows empowering your business to address unique requirements and challenges
Customize and control your processes, steps, teams and forms is easy

Process mapping you need to create new or existing processes

Easily automate new or existing processes
Update, publish and share your business processes
Add rich content videos, images and attachments
Highly visual, modern drag-and-drop UI

Command dashboard

Customize your command dashboard
Monitor workflow tasks, timeliness and
team members performance
Empower your team to stay on track
Stay agile and responsive to changing circumstances
Improve operational efficiency and reduce manual data gathering and reporting

Analytics dashboard

Make smarter decisions based on real evidence and data with real-time analytics and customizable reports
Gain valuable insight monitoring and measuring task efficiency, consistency, compliance and completion.
Manage team performance and productivity in one place.
Make data-informed decisions and identify opportunities for improvement

Additional features included


Incorporate integration – Web hooks and API

Improve your customer experience, remove data entry and send submissions to the right people all at once. Flussos’ Public Forms allow you to build out any form on your website or intranet. Once clients submit the form, it will trigger a workflow of your design, routing to the right people in the team. Capture text fields, option lists, file attachments, signatures, and more.

Analytics – Business at a glance

Analyze teams and individuals’ output and productivity, track workflow performance with customizable dashboards and reports and audit workflows in real-time. Use ready-made analytics reports or build your own to easily identify task bottlenecks and team member workloads.

Single sign-on – Automatically sign into Flussos

Give users a seamless login experience. Flussos accommodates Active Directory (including ADFS and Azure), LDAP, G Suite and custom SAML-P.

Step tasks – Enable additional tasks within a flow

Allows user to dynamically add task to steps that are assigned to them when the flow is running. Step Tasks provide significant flexibility and is extremely useful in processes where you might not know what tasks are needed to successfully complete the process.

Easily connect Flussos with your essential apps

  • Integrate with your CRM and ERP to spreadsheets and messaging tools
  • Push key updates and alerts into messaging channels, such as Slack, teams, SMS, email
  • Update record systems from document management to spreadsheets and more
  • Push data from Flussos to keep everything up to date
  • Automate previously manual tasks to give your team more time in the day

Integrate Flussos with popular software

What our customers are saying

“Our company has been using the ireviloution system for a number of years, and have found it to be one of the best decisions we have made. Providing checklists for all facets of the business has proven to be extremely beneficial, as it allows us to easily obtain required information at any given time. We are super excited to sink our teeth into the Flussos system! Being that there will no longer be a need for paper TrackMates and TaskTrackers, I believe this will be extremely beneficial in being able to see where my team is at with a simple click of a button. The benefits of the ireviloution program are priceless when running a real estate business, making everything flow so effortlessly! We can never thank Jo Oliveri and her team enough for all their assistance whenever
required, you guys are AMAZING!!”

Candice Hooper, Sales and Business Development Manager, Kay’s Real Estate


Property management businesses streamlining operations with Flussos

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