Property management business tips, tools and resources

How to start a property management business

By |May 26, 2022|Property management business planning|

Are you looking to start your own property management business? Often considered secondary to real estate sales, property management can be a more lucrative opportunity if you set up your business correctly from the start. That’s why we have put together eight things you should do when starting a property management business to help you through this exciting but stressful time.

How to streamline five different roles and responsibilities of property managers

By |April 21, 2022|Property management workflow processes|

If you want to optimize your property management firm, it is important to streamline the roles and responsibilities of your property managers. Since they carry out many day-to-day tasks, it pays to invest in standardized automated workflows. Here is an overview of five different roles and responsibilities of property managers and how to streamline them using automated workflows.

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