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After decades of working in the industry, we knew that property managers needed a purpose-designed workflow automation platform. So, we developed it.

Our Story

In 2019, Australian property management thought leader, Jo-Anne Oliveri, and USA engineer, Jarren Harvey, joined forces to build Flussos. Combining Jo-Anne’s tailor-made workflows, called TrackMates™, and Jarren’s specialised software engineering skills, they set out to create a platform that could save property management business owners time, money and effort.

Little did they know that when the global pandemic hit that this platform would be needed now more than ever as more businesses fast-tracked their shift to online teams and operations. Heading into the post-pandemic era, Flussos has quickly become a valued platform used by property management businesses across the globe.

What does ‘Flussos’ mean?

Flusso is the Italian word for flow. We chose it because it describes exactly what we do. We bring flow to your workflows so we can bring flow to your processes, operations, team and customers too. Why? Because we believe that when your property management business achieves flow, it can flourish!

Meet our people

Jo-Anne Oliveri


A leading authority on all things property management, Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, is Flussos’ Co-Founder. With almost 30 years’ real estate experience, she is an international real estate identity who has trained thousands of business owners and property managers worldwide. Jo is also the Managing Director of ireviloution, author of Find Your Property Manager NOW and was formerly the Vice President of Property Management for one of California’s largest independent real estate brokerages. In 2020, Jo-Anne won the prestigious REB Women in Real Estate Coach of the Year award.

Stacey Pitman


A vocational and adult educator for over 30 years, Stacey Pitman is Flussos’ Co-Founder. Adding to his Bachelor of Commerce degree, he also completed a Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education and is an accredited trainer and facilitator of Myer Briggs, Team Management Systems (TMS) and Investment in Excellence (Pacific Institute). As a registered teacher, Stacey has lectured and developed curriculum for TAFE and other vocational training programs. He is also the Managing Director of ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy, an online training platform for the property management industry.

Jarren Harvey


Jarren holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and has worked in the commercial construction industry for over 10 years. He founded Harvey PM Services LLC to help businesses grow with the same construction principles used to build high-rises. He’s a classic book lover (Pre-Gutenberg) who writes about entrepreneurial history and methods to discover innovative ideas. He has worked firsthand with property management owners to improve their marketing strategies and develop blueprints for upgrading their business model.

Patrick James


Patrick’s career has spanned manufacturing, supply chain, and cloud technology – all with a focus on process development and optimization. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and has pivoted so that he can use his career knowledge to help property management owners overcome technical challenges and streamline their business operations. He loves to learn and stay up on new developments in technology. By doing so, he remains equipped to help property managers reduce operational overhead and refocus on the work that’s important and at the core of their business mission and client success.

“Flows have been designed as high level, comprehensive task workflows that encapsulates every step and action involved in a task including high standards and frequency of client interaction and communication.

Steps and actions are mapped to be completed in an order to ensure proactive and pre-emptive tasking that mitigates loss, extra work when steps are missed, preventing blowouts and blowups.”

  • Nothing falls through the cracks
  • No waking-up call at 2.30am every night thinking “I forgot to do this yesterday or I need to remember to do this tomorrow’

— Jo-Anne Oliveri, Co-Founder, Flussos

What our customers are saying

“Talk about a game-changer. The word game-changer has been flipped about randomly for so long, it’s become boring. FLUSSOS is however the REAL DEAL! It truly is a game-changer. If you own or manage a property management business regardless of the size, Flussos is a no-brainer.”

Jessica Forbis, USA Master iiCC, Victory Property Management Consulting, Associate Broker, TD Real Estate LLC



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